Affordable and Decent Property Rentals from Huurkor in Pretoria


While the saying “home is where the heart is” is certainly true, a great deal of time and effort should still go into finding the perfect house or apartment to call your home. Where you stay is a great part of your life and will affect your daily life. When shopping around for the ideal place to call home it is advised that you chat to a professional estate agent who can present you with a variety of options to look at and consider. At Huurkor we have an extensive range of options when it comes to property rentals in Pretoria. We have stock of houses, apartments, flats and even commercial properties such as stores, factories, and warehouses and similar.

At Huurkor our estate agents are more than just friendly and approachable. We are also a team that is experienced and qualified in the field. We will ensure that you are advised of your rights as a tenant and make sure that you are only presented with options that will be able to meet with your specified needs.

It is always important to view properties that are within a price range that is affordable to you. When chatting to our agents, let them know what your current rental amount is and ensure that you advise them what is considered affordable to you. This way they will be able to present you with rental options that are within this price range and you won’t be wasting any time.

Once you have created a short list of potential options it is best to pay a personal visit to each of them. You can only get a real feel for the premises if you have walked through it and investigated its features. Make a note of any faults or items that require repairs at the premises so that you can compare options and make better decisions once you have viewed all the potential options.

Remember to look closely at the security already available at the premises. You should ensure that there are at least burglar guards on all the opening windows. It is quite convenient if the home has security gates and an installed alarm system that you can then link to an armed response service. Chat to the estate agent and the neighbours about crime in the area and ascertain if it is a good option for you from a safety point of view.

At Huurkor our estate agents are dedicated to ensuring that our client’s needs are met. Once you have let us know what your requirements are, we will set to work compiling a collection of properties that you should view and consider. In addition to this, we will draw up a legal lease agreement between you and the landlord. The lease will protect the interests of both parties and be absolutely fair. We will assist you with a property inspection before you take occupation, as well as when you vacate the premises. This is the best way to ensure that you are in agreement with regards to the state of the property at all times. Should anything break or need repairs during your lease period, you can expect for us to assist you with arranging for the repairs and maintenance to be carried out.  

We are available at all times to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. We offer property rentals in Pretoria with a difference and will go out of our way to ensure that you are completely happy with the home or apartment that you choose to rent. Chat to one of our estate agents about what you are looking for and allow us to help you find your new home today!