Long before the advent of residential flats to rent and Huurkor in Pretoria, the word “Tuks” was probably a meaningless word to those unfamiliar with local terms that have now become frequently used.

Snacks or a Sewing Technique

In the minds of the uninitiated in Pretoria and elsewhere, Tuks might have been local versions of something to do with a snacks outlet, such as the school or campus tuckshop. It might also refer to “tuck in”, urging diners to start eating and enjoying a meal. Alternatively, Tuks might indicate a gentle action performed when putting a child to bed or a sewing technique that helps to shape the garment, the end product.

In our context, Tuks is an abbreviation, representing a popular and respected institute of higher learning, one with a marked focus on research.

All in a Name

Moreover, this now-world famous Pretoria-based educational institution’s original and first formal name consisted of three words, the latter two being combined and written as one single word in the Afrikaans language. Overall, Tuks or Tukkies referred to Transvaalse Universiteitskollege, which was also known as the TUC by English speakers, when referring to the Transvaal University College.

This erstwhile specialised school’s name changed to Tuks in 1906. Two years later, a new Pretoria campus had been established, at that time offering studies in arts and sciences, languages and law, sometime before becoming a fully-fledged Pretoria university.  

Pre-Flat Rental Era

Initially, in those pre-flat rental days, Tuks was housed in a late Victorian home, with 32 enrolled students under the mentorship of four professors and three lecturers. Though little is known about the students’ accommodation, it’s highly likely that they found private digs or rooms to rent in Pretoria, as close to campus as possible.

Besides there being no flats to rent in that early era, very few young persons owned motor vehicles with which to commute privately. Proximity was paramount. Even in the present day, official on-campus residential student accommodation is very limited, and the demand for suitable private student accommodation that’s near to Tuks’ main and other Pretoria campuses remains significant and isn’t likely to lessen in the near future, if at all.

Off-Campus Private Flat Rental Accommodation

Luckily, there are numerous attractively appointed, safe and secure flats to rent that are easily and conveniently accessible for Tuks students requiring off-campus accommodation.

Many of these blocks of rental flats are accredited or recommended by Pretoria University’s residential division, which is fully aware that the institution alone cannot meet the demand for appropriate residential accommodation.

Excellent Investment Portfolio Additions

Suitable student flats that provide single or shared accommodation are an ideal solution for an ongoing residential challenge in Pretoria. The acquisition of single units and blocks of flats to rent out to tenants are normally excellent additions to an investment portfolio because demand for and location of well-maintained student flats have great investment potential.

Almost Always Occupied

The best flats are almost always occupied; there are waiting lists for those that are most popular, which includes modern or refurbished blocks of apartments that were specifically built or revamped for student accommodation.

In fact, the residential needs or preferences of clients, which drives building trends, reflect the true demand of this type of accommodation as just over 59% of new South African dwellings, built in the first quarter of 2019, consisted of flats and townhouses. This reflects an upward trend of 29% between 2015 and 2019.

Once occupied, regular monthly rental income from such flats is virtually assured, providing that the tenant was properly vetted and screened, or better still, you’re utilising the expert, dedicated services of Huurkor, the preferred, professional flat rental agency, founded and based in Pretoria.