Moving to a Student Accommodation? Follow These Helpful Transition Tips

Making the move from the comforts of mom’s home cooking to your first student accommodation is both exciting and a little frightening. You are not precisely sure what to expect and you are no longer under the secure shelter of your parents or guardians. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with how much there is to do before moving day, then allow us to set your mind at ease with these helpful tips to make your transition into your new life much smoother.

A Few Weeks Before the Big Move

Anyone who has moved around enough will tell you the golden rule: start packing early. Even if you are the type of person to leave packing to the last minute, relocating is no joke. You also probably have a lot more possessions than you realise, so start asking around for some cardboard boxes, newspaper, and bubble wrap at least a month before the move. This is also a great time to reassess how many of your items you still want and what can go to charity. In your new student accommodation, you want an uncluttered, fresh start – so only take items along that will add to this experience. Start by packing the objects that you likely will not use in the next few weeks, such as seasonal clothing, décor, and books. These non-essential belongings can take time to sort through, so be sure to dedicate a few hours to this job each day.

Your Two-Week Countdown

Once you have only a fortnight left to pack, panic might set in – but the best thing you can do for yourself is to remain calm and work through your packing methodically. Invest in some duct tape, markers, and labels which makes unpacking later so much easier. Be sure to group items that go in the same room together, such as cutlery and spices for the kitchen. This is also a good time to sort out some of the administration that comes with moving – like ensuring you have electricity and a stable internet connection at your student accommodation. If you regularly receive post, you might want to change your address to your new home too. It is also a great time to start recruiting friends and family for help and transport on your moving day.

A Few Days to Go

Nobody unpacks all those moving boxes in a single day, so think about the items you will realistically need on your first day in your new home. Pack an overnight bag, a cup, plate, some cutlery, and a kettle on top of everything for your first few meals in your new place. If your landlord or new roommate allows it, try to pack in time to visit the student accommodation early and give the space a spring cleaning. Sometimes, when apartments and homes remain vacant for long enough, dust and grime can build up and will require a thorough, deep cleaning. It is also far more pleasant to move in without trying to unpack amidst dirty surroundings.

Once You Have Settled

After you have managed to get everything over to your new place, take a walk through the student accommodation and look for any damage you might not have noticed before. Take photos of any cracks, broken items, or faulty plumbing and appliances and send these to your landlord as soon as possible, or you might be the one held liable for the damage down the line.

If you are still looking for student accommodation but have no idea where to start, we at Huurkor can help you find a new home that suits your lifestyle and budget. Let us know what you are looking for and we will assist you, hassle-free.