When opting to rent a dwelling in Pretoria or elsewhere in sunny South Africa, one is presented with several choices – a freehold, free-standing house, a cluster home, townhouse, or flat, also known as an apartment.

Nonetheless, a flat and an apartment are the same thing in this fair but complex country. It’s interesting to note that all these types of dwellings combine to form what is known as our Pretoria “housing” market sector.

A House by Many Other Names

Modern and certain types of old houses – not all intended as residences or offered to rent –- are/were identified by various names, which usually indicate their primary use and the lifestyle or responsibilities of the occupants:

  • Freehold – the property’s title deeds belong to one or a group of individuals or, less frequently, a corporate company
  • Semi-detached – a home that’s joined to its mirror image second dwelling and is separated by a common wall
  • Split-level – constructed on various levels, which were generally evident internally
  • Guest – offers short-term accommodation to guests
  • Boarding – provides several rooms contained in a large dwelling, which are available to rent to individual occupants requiring board and lodging
  • Communal or commune – shared by a group of unrelated people, who each pay a portion of the lease
  • Family – indicates a property that’s large enough to accommodate a family
  • Mansion – exceptionally large, luxurious premises, architecturally designed and finished to the highest possible standards, may be of palatial proportions
  • Manor – similar to a mansion, but somewhat more sedate and less ostentatious, often found in country estates of old
  • Villa – typifies Mediterranean architecture and lifestyles, and is also associated in antiquity with affluent ancient Romans and Greeks
  • Summer – usually found in the northern hemisphere, in colder climates that feature relatively brief summer seasons
  • Holiday – in this country, usually established by the seaside or in the bushveld by wealthy persons who own more than one property; one is the home throughout the year, whilst the second dwelling is reserved for use during holidays. When not in use by the owner, the latter house may be rented by tenants, thereby providing an additional income for the owner
  • Gate – a more compact, simpler structure that was once occupied by the gatekeeper at the entrance to an expansive property
  • Guard – a very compact structure, only really intended to give shelter to security or military personnel, who were tasked with protecting a property and its occupants, whilst preventing unauthorised entry
  • Cottage – a cosy home, built in the cottage style
  • Ghost – reputed to be haunted, so anyone, a believer in the supernatural, who leased this type of premises might be sharing a home with a restless spirit as well. True or not, it was claimed that Pretoria was home to several such properties

Serious Business

On a serious note – renting a house in Pretoria and elsewhere is a serious business that may contain potential pitfalls, which is why it is wise to retain the qualified services of real estate specialists, such as Pretoria’s Huurkor.


Huurkor’s primary purpose, upon our founding during 1968, involved finding reliable tenants for owners’ and landlords’ flats and houses, and likewise, helping prospective tenants find the same residential solutions, initially only in Pretoria.   

Navigating our user-friendly Huurkor website is quick, easy and informative. We also devote a separate page to rental housing scams and tips about how to identify and avoid such potential problems and pitfalls, plus their respective adverse consequences.

Pretoria-Based Rental Partner

With Huurkor as your professional partner in renting a house in Pretoria, you may rest assured that the entire process will progress smoothly and problem-free,  just as you deserve and we, at Huurkor, intend. That’s only one of the elements upon which we’ve established our proud track record and reputation – your guarantee of rental service excellence in Pretoria and now also further afield.