Although the demand for flats has increased exponentially during the past 53-odd years since the founding of our real estate agency, Huurkor, in Pretoria, the supply of these blocks of dwellings has, by and large, kept pace. Consequently, our potential tenants who wish to rent such units are usually spoiled for choice, particularly nowadays, because the city has expanded enormously, as have the number of flats to rent in almost all its suburbs.

Where to Begin

However, this begs the question: “where to begin?” With so many apartments available in Pretoria nowadays, as well as the enormity of the city and its umpteen suburbs in which such dwellings may be found, it’s virtually impossible to view a significant number of units, let alone all.

Huurkor’s Help Remains at Hand

This is where Huurkor’s expert services remain invaluable and at hand, as has been our custom throughout the decades since our founding, in 1968. At that particular time, flats represented a relatively smaller percentage of rental properties available in Pretoria. Additionally, it wasn’t possible to purchase an individual apartment, unless one bought the entire block. Renting was the only option.

Avoid Snoozing and Losing

Nonetheless, the flats that were on offer were usually snapped up rather rapidly; snooze and lose invariably creates disappointment – then and now. However, tenants with the foresight to engage the professional services of Huurkor had a distinct heads-up in finding flats to rent in Pretoria – that is, before they were taken up by others seeking the same type of accommodation.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to rent a flat, there are a few things that you should decide for yourself to expedite matters and make your selection progress smoothly, even before you approach an estate agency such as Huurkor or any other. There are a few simple steps to follow for inclusion in your list of prerequisites in preparation for your upcoming move.

Preparing to Rent

  • The suburb or area you wish to live in and whether you have alternatives to your first, optimal choice.
  • A preference to reside in the inner city or a quiet suburb.
  • The locations to which you will need to commute, such as work,classes, friends’ homes and entertainment and recreation venues. Remember to consider odd working hours and shift work, if applicable.
  • Public transport routes and the availability thereof.
  • The ideal or preferred length of the lease.
  • Furnished or unfurnished unit
  • Preference for ground or upper floor.
  • Security and safety
  • Your budget and a rental amount with which you’re comfortable.
  • Overall size of your new apartment and number of rooms/bedrooms required
  • Must-have appliances in the kitchen
  • One or more bathrooms needed
  • Layout, if this is important to you
  • Single or shared occupation
  • Your ability to manage costs on your own if a flatmate were to leave or abscond – remembering that the name on the lease is that of the person who is responsible for monthly rent.
  • Parking facilities, if applicable, as well as whether they must be covered or open

By having all or most of this information at hand – what you want, must have or would like to have (to identify features that may be negotiable to you), you and your agent will be clear about the way forward in your search for a flat in Pretoria that suits you to a T.

Irrespective of how long you intend to occupy your unit, you certainly want to ensure that your tenancy is pleasant and meets your needs and requirements. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the guidance of the lengthy experience, expertise and dedicated service excellence of Huurkor, Pretoria’s team of flat rental specialists.

Avoid the shenanigans of scammers, unscrupulous quasi-agents, fraudulent landlords and purported property owners. Rather secure your Pretoria unit through Huurkor.