To Rent a House versus an Apartment in Pretoria

If you are used to apartment living and looking to rent a house in Pretoria due to the changing demands of your lifestyle, then you may be unsure of what to consider in choosing the best fit for your family. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every person or family has their own financial circumstances and accommodation requirements. The one perfect positive you have in your favour, however, is that you have chosen the Jacaranda City to call home.

Pretoria is a beautiful place to live in with so many alluring areas on offer. Luscious, leafy suburbs and country-styled smallholdings, and the bustling inner-city lifestyle and an array of attractive apartments leave you spoilt for choice. Sometimes, when deciding on whether to rent a house instead of an apartment, it simply boils down to assessing the essentials. So, get out a pen and notepad and consider these guidelines.

Factors to Consider When You Want to Rent a House

Privacy – Should you value your privacy and choose to rent a house in Pretoria, there should be more of it in a free-standing property. The choice of having physical distance between you and your neighbour could contribute to a quieter lifestyle.

Apartments are interconnected by dividing walls. As such, noisy neighbours may be a factor to your choice of moving into a house instead.

Space – Opting to rent a house in Pretoria should give you more room. You should have more space for all your furniture, and you would be able to host friends or family for weekend braais or sleepovers. Having exclusive use of space for the kids to play or the pets to exercise whilst having the privacy of larger areas to entertain your guests is also a useful luxury.

Apartments offer many benefits, but space may be limited. You might be fortunate to have a parking bay, but guests would have to park and walk, and once they arrive, there may not be enough space to entertain them in your home.

Rental, Utilities and Maintenance - When you rent a house, your monthly expenses will be higher than the alternative. Keep the square meterage of additional outdoor spaces in mind. The average rental per square metre might be quite reasonable. You will also be responsible for paying water, electricity and utility bills. So, take that into account too and, of course, you would have to keep the property neat and presentable. Oftentimes, however, a garage and the luxury of space in a large city outweigh the additional costs and extra effort on maintenance and might still make it more viable to rent a house in Pretoria.

Comparatively, you may pay less when renting an apartment but the average rental per square metre of space will be higher. Utilities, water and general maintenance are usually included which is a major benefit. Still, ensure that there are no hidden costs. For example, body corporate fees or additional levies for garden services or security.

The Key is Compromise - To rent a house in Pretoria, comes with a few sacrifices. You might find that you would need private transport rather than public and that local eateries and other entertainment facilities are located farther away than a short stroll. Shopping malls and primary healthcare facilities might also be situated farther away in comparison. But if the thought of fresh air, peaceful evenings, and a quiet night’s sleep appeal to you, then it might be worth the compromise.

Huurkor Can Assist You

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