Potential tenants of properties in Pretoria are invariably interested in and attracted to a multitude of things in and around each premise. However, bottom line – their decisions are often based on their first impression of each property to rent.

Some tenants’ observations and first or early impressions of your rental property in Pretoria may elude you, because you’ve become so too familiar with things as they are, rather than how they should be in order to make a favourable impact on tenants. All is not lost, though.

Pretoria Rental Specialists

Allow yourself enough time to make a few home improvements before listing your rental property in Pretoria privately – online - or with the aid of an estate agency like Huurkor, which has been specialising in the Pretoria rental market for decades, since 1968.

Ultimately, it’s well worth your while to make your premises more appealing to tenants, since they may be in an enviable position that allows them to pick and choose from many other offerings. You want your property to stand out as the pick of all the Pretoria properties on offer.

Irrespective of the number of properties to rent in Pretoria, tenants tend to favour and select the home that satisfies their priorities, combined with the rental premises’ personal appeal.

Top Tips on How to Make your Rental Property in Pretoria Attractive

For your ease and convenience, Huurkor suggests that we work our way from outside towards the interior spaces within the home.

  • Garden and outdoor area – remove all clutter and debris, ensure that lawns are mowed, edges neatly trimmed and flower beds and paved areas are weed-free. Good maintenance of outdoor areas, including the property’s outer walls, creates a favourable impression even before entering the premises
  • If necessary, add a few flowering and/or potted plants that provide the garden with accents of colour
  • The garage should be neatly organised in order to display the maximum available interior space
  • Swimming pool water and ponds should be clean
  • Installing a simple water feature or fountain is an inexpensive way of creating the feeling of a cool oasis in a city such as Pretoria that’s known to be hot in summer and warm during the daytime in winter
  • A fresh coat of paint works wonders - inside and out
  • Stick to neutral colours, which allow tenants the freedom of choice to add colour with their own furnishings and décor elements that then won’t clash with the colours of walls, window frames and doors
  • Ensure that the dwelling is sparkling and clean, particularly windows, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Open curtains to admit natural daytime light. All other lights are to be in working order and switched on during night viewing. Replace globes, where necessary
  • Fixed appliances, such as geysers and stoves should likewise be in good working order. As landlord/owner, avoid the need to attend to repairs and maintenance issues as soon as the ink has dried on the rental contract
  • Declutter all rooms within the house or flat
  • Furnished premises are far more likely to attract prospective tenants. An empty dwelling may come across as impersonal, cold and uninviting
  • Consider adding attractive pot plants and one or more fresh flower arrangements
  • Ensure that the property is well-ventilated. Last night’s cooking odours and the smell of stale cigarette smoke detract from the rental premises’ appeal
  • Have a fresh set of towels in each bathroom
  • Highlight the most attractive and sought-after features of your rental property in Pretoria

Huurkor’s On Hand to Help

Pretoria is a city in which properties to rent are popular, due to the presence of foreign consulates, visiting business persons, research and tertiary educational facilities and contracted personnel. Pretoria’s Huurkor is on hand to guide you through these and other steps to help ensure that your rental premises attract the attention you seek.