The Best Student Accommodation in Pretoria

As a young adult who has just arrived in Pretoria to study, you’ll discover that the capital city has much to offer. As large cities go, the Jacaranda City is fairly young, and you might’ve expected it to be rather dull. On the contrary, whilst on the prowl for the best student accommodation in Pretoria, you might find that the city is steeped in international history, arts, literature, philosophy and culture with wonderful customs and traditions.

Pretoria is in the opportune position of being a shared political capital of our country. With that, we have invited many countries to establish embassies and consulate offices in and around the city. Chances are you’ll find student accommodation close to many of the spill-over trades, cultures and cuisines that go along with having these diverse international nuances. Not to mention its vibrant nightlife.

Understanding that where you live plays a vital role in your overall university experience, Huurkor shares some pointers that might assist you in finding a place that best suits you.

Proximity is Important

The principal reason for attending university is to study and, more importantly, to obtain a degree. Look for student accommodation which meets these needs, where you have a private place to reflect, study and learn. Preferably it should be situated close to the university where you can leverage its amenities, such as sporting facilities, the library or laboratories.

Convenient access to the campus, recreational facilities, and shops is important. Ideally, you’ll want to find student accommodation situated within walking distance or, at least, a short drive away from all three. Though it may seem ideal at first, if your place is too far away, it will be very inconvenient when you have early or late lectures or extra-mural activities. Additionally, you’ll probably want to spend your free time socialising with friends, and the distance may disrupt your chances to spend time with them.

Safety and Security

Pretoria is a big city and, as with all large metropoles across the globe, the safety and security of yourself and your belongings are a top priority. When searching for the best student accommodation, observe the area. Assess accessibility, especially if you’re going to be travelling at night and be sure to evaluate the premises thoroughly.

Does it offer lockable rooms, security gates and bars on doors and windows? CCTV and on-site security are welcome added extras, but armed response and medical emergency services are great ideas too. Petty theft can occur due to negligence but also make sure to be mindful of where you store your valuables. There is nothing worse than losing a tablet, laptop, or external drive just before a major exam.

Access to Decent Internet

Do not overlook this requirement when looking for student accommodation. It might sound trivial, but the corner coffee shop or local library won’t be open twenty-four hours a day. You will need this vital technology for researching, studying, and submitting assignments on time. You’re also living away from home and will want to connect with friends and family in your downtime.

Landlords You Can Trust

While looking for an apartment in Pretoria, you might have to trust your landlord before you’re familiar with them. This is difficult when you are new to an area and don’t know too many people. To alleviate this potential problem, contact Huurkor. We have been finding rental properties for young adults since 1968.

For almost 55 years, four generations of parents have entrusted Huurkor to assist their fledgling children in finding only the very best homes away from home. If you’re looking for student accommodation in Pretoria, trust Huurkor to assist you.