Huurkor Helps Students to Find Affordable Accommodation in Pretoria

If your youngster is already or about to become a student at one of Pretoria’s many tertiary educational facilities, you will be aware that the costs of undertaking tertiary education at a recognised and officially accredited Pretoria-based university or college are considerable, rather than being affordable.

Our company, Huurkor, knows that at Pretoria’s higher education facilities, there are pre-set enrolment, registration and class fees. Add to these, a whole list of typical expenses to equip students suitably to focus on their studies.

Additional expenses usually include the cost of books, a laptop, a mobile phone, airtime, monthly data and Wi-Fi connectivity, clothing and toiletries, snacks and meals, access to laundry facilities, transport, accommodation, contributions towards utilities and some spending money to cover incidentals, plus entertainment, leisure, exercise and sports participation

Set Fees

Students’ needs are many, often costly. Most students, their parents and/or sponsors may need to budget wherever possible by obtaining affordable alternatives, particularly when it comes to accommodation, since fees for education and training are set by each individual institution.

Consequently, in Pretoria, there is little or no wiggle room to make most of these elements more affordable – with the notable exception of renting private, off-campus housing – one of Huurkor’s specialities.

Essential Housing

In general, accommodation is one of the essential, often costly components of student life in Pretoria (likewise in other cities that are feature universities, colleges and academies). One must bear in mind that not all such institutions have the space and means to offer on-campus student accommodation. It’s advisable to check this factor early on, especially if your budget is limited – as most are in 2022.

Factors Influencing Affordability

  • Staying in the parental home is always the most affordable choice, providing that the home is – in this instance – also located in Pretoria, close enough to campus to avoid a lengthy commute, which adds to one’s transport costs and complicates one’s time management
  • Second to living at home, the student may opt to board with a family member or close family friend in Pretoria, but this isn’t always possible or suitable
  • Proximity to campus or the availability of affordable public transport is an important aspect to be considered when choosing private accommodation. If at all available, on-campus parking spaces cost extra
  • Location and overall safety and security measures should be taken into account
  • Since Pretoria features numerous post-matric educational facilities, fees, costs and availability of on-campus and off-campus accommodation may vary greatly, as do the features and amenities that are included or excluded in both types of student accommodation. It’s in your own interest to get all the relevant information about both options before deciding and committing to one or the other type of housing
  • It’s generally assumed that housing in one of the institute’s on-campus residences is way more affordable than the alternative – a rented flat or a room in a commune that consists of several students. However, this is not always so
  • Irrespective of whether it’s a flat or house, shared student accommodation in Pretoria tends to be a much more affordable solution for all occupants, who typically share rental fees, the cost of utilities and infrastructure, levies and general communal maintenance. The grocery, food, cleaning and laundry bills may also be shared
  • Charges pertaining to additional facilities may also be divided amongst all residents, resulting in even more affordable housing per individual student

A Personal Matter

Affordability is a personal matter. One person’s affordable student accommodation may be the next one’s downright expensive. “One size fits all” does not apply when disposable income and expenses are involved.

Additionally, the student and/or persons who assume responsibility for payment of overall accommodation has numerous factors to take into account. Help in the entire selection process is invaluable; Huurkor is qualified, experienced and eager to assist in finding you the most affordable student accommodation option in Pretoria – one that is as close to perfect as possible.