It’s another New Year and no one knows what’s in store for South Africans during the next twelve months. One thing is certain – it’s the start of umpteen new chapters, resolutions, good intentions, opportunities, adventures and other types of new beginnings, including the intake of first-time students, starting a brand-new academic year.

A Grade 12 or matric qualification doesn’t necessarily guarantee meaningful employment any longer. Consequently, further tertiary level education and training typically precede many an eventual successful occupation and career, beginning with students’ initial enrolment at a tertiary institute of learning.

The New Academic Year in SA

In this country, each academic year normally commences during the January/early February period, concurrent with the arrival of a new year. However, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and other Northern Hemisphere countries, the beginning of a new academic year is dictated by their seasons and weather. Their peak 2022 holiday season is likely to take place mid-year, followed by the commencement of a new school, college or university year some time after their comparatively shorter summers.

Currently, here in South Africa, the academic year is kicking off and the demand for tertiary education with on-campus student accommodation is significant, and invariably exceeds what is on offer. The ratio of official student residential accommodation that’s available versus the number of students, who require and apply for such accommodation, is a testament to the current demand for student lodging.

Alternative Student Accommodation

Finding alternative student accommodation for 2022 and beyond is a viable solution to this conundrum. It is optimal to find a suitable flat, which is where the professional services of Huurkor, our Pretoria-based estate agency, are invaluable.

Ask the Right Questions

Nonetheless, several questions should be considered, addressed and asked – the right questions which only you can ask because you know which factors are pertinent to you and your circumstances in 2022.

Consider and Ask the Right Questions

  • Which university, college or academy do you wish to attend?
  • Location, location and location – in which suburb is the flat located?
  • How close is the flat to campus, keeping in mind that accommodation near campus tops the list of likely accommodation?
  • Is the flat situated on or near a public transport route?
  • Do you require parking facilities?
  • Do you intend to buy a sectional title unit, or do you prefer to rent?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is the unit, building and general area suitable for student accommodation?
  • What is the size of the flat? Remember that each occupant should have their own private bedroom, in which they can isolate themselves to study.
  • Is the alternative student accommodation required for single or multiple persons?
  • Which amenities and facilities are priorities or negotiable?
  • What is the state of the place’s safety and security?
  • Are premises, gardens and common property well-maintained?
  • What are the minimum and maximum lengths of the lease?
  • Should a notice period be given?
  • What are the levies and average monthly cost of utilities?
  • What is its proximity to shops?
  • Is Wi-Fi or an internet connection readily available?

In addition to taking you on a brief virtual tour of some of our flats to rent in and around Pretoria, our Huurkor website also features a separate section that addresses some of the most commonly encountered rental housing scams and schemes, as well as how to recognise and avoid falling prey to them.  

Service Excellence and Industry Expertise

Huurkor is has a proud, long-standing reputation for service excellence and industry expertise. With a registered, reputable Huurkor specialist as your partner in your quest to find the right student accommodation in 2022, many of the above questions may be superfluous since we make sure to ask the right questions too as befits a respected real estate agency.